Cocktail Entertainment

hold? Many have asked our mystics such questions & have had wonderful experiences & surprises. They
provide all of their own supplies & only need a four top (card) table or 1/2 of a picnic table for each
mystic. This is a very interesting style of entertainment that has always been a hit.

CARICATURE ARTISTS: For three hours our professional artists will provide your guests with humorous
pictures of themselves, which they will enjoy & surely want to take home & show their family & friends.
The pictures may include one or two people or even be sketched in a hobby setting. Three or four colored
markers will be used to assure a quality look to the picture.

MIMES: If a mime peaks your interest then you are in luck! Our mimes will captivate your guests as they
watch them weave stories in their make believe environment. Mimes are very professional & multitalented
being able to communicate so much without saying even one word?!*?! With their costumes &
make-up so perfectly applied, they will be hard to miss, no matter how large the event!!

MAGICIAN: Quick hands & quick wit characterize these magicians who perform intimately for your
audience by moving from group to group while including your guests’ participation in their performance.
They will astound the attendees with cleaver, classic tricks. Inter-active magicians are always the perfect
form of entertainment for young & old.

COCKTAIL PIANIST: You will you think you’re in the lobby of one of Chicago’s finest hotels as our
versatile pianist plays music from all eras including Chicago jazz, swing, love songs, & the classics. Our
professional pianist is always dressed in a traditional tuxedo or an elegant evening dress & will take
requests with pleasure.

HARPIST: Our harpists are the finest in Chicago! Each has performed at numerous corporate events,
weddings, private parties & hotel functions. Our seasoned entertainers are always dressed in formal attire
& will be happy to honor any requests your guests may have. Their repertoire includes standards, jazz,
classical, & contemporary.

STRING TRIO & QUARTET: Our string trios & quartets will provide your guests with a timeless form of
musical entertainment that reflects grace, refinement, & romance. This is a lovely addition to any special
occasion. Strolling or stationary our talented musicians will fill any room with elegance & ambiance.

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